fowlplay missing You may talk the talk, but can you squawk the squawk? Take to the skies as a pigeon flying through a grand park filled with unwitting victims! Score points the only way a pigeon knows how: by pooping on the people below! Earn huge point bonuses by building a combo and not missing a drop. Dodge the trees to stay alive and keep pooping. Only the most accurate and nimble pigeons will make it to the top of the leaderboards! And with OpenFeint integrated, you can compete with your friends and family! With something for everyone and plenty of new content to come, it's time to engage in some fowlplay!


rotten-eggs-splash-screen mo-fishin-splash-screen

thin-ice-rescue-splash-screen fruits-vs-veggies-splash-screen



Happynin Games Merges with Velvet Games

September 10, 2010

Happynin Games, Inc. has officially merged with another local developer and its' sister company, Velvet Games. Maker of "Mo' Fishin'", Velvet Games is a small iPhone development company located in Marina del Rey, CA. The merging of the two companies not only doubles the size of Happynin Games employees, but doubles the number of titles in its' library. Combined, the new Happynin Games team will produce and launch 3 more games in 2010 alone. Stay tuned for more


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